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Called a “thorough and incisive proof of Lil Wayne’s genius” by critics, the book shows that Wayne’s lyrics have more in common with Shakespeare's and Dylan's than with other rappers’. The 4th Edition includes Tha Carter V and Dedication 6; Lil Wayne’s own reaction to the book; analysis of data from a Finnish university's computer rap algorithm, similarities between Wayne and Lincoln as writers, a definitive ranking of Wayne’s albums and mixtapes.

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Much luv for Professor Kreston Kent!

11:44 PM - 21 Nov 2014

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Unauthorized Donald TRUMP offers an irresistible exposé of Donald Trump’s true motive in running for President of the United States: pushing out any real electoral competition, thereby ensuring the election of Hillary Clinton. Written in the imagined first-person words of Donald Trump, this gripping and hilarious unauthorized autobiographical memoir lays out a plausible story that shows Trump’s real-life behaviors and own words as entirely consistent with the theory that he’s actually working for a Hillary Clinton Presidency.